Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pug O War

We stay pretty active around here which means living room sporting events are a regular occurrence.  The favorite? Pug-o-war. 

Here's a play by play breakdown of a recent match - Macy vs. Dixie. 

First there is the set up.

Notice, a little early tugging going on. We could have called a foul, but decided to let them play through.

And go! Game on. The stare down begins.

Eyes still locked, Dixie ever so slowly begins her favorite move, the head tilt.

Still tilting.

She changes her move and we are back to square one. Poor Santa elephant is literally being stretched at the seams.

Then there it is. In one swift move, a move so quick that even the action setting on the camera couldn't catch it clearly, Dixie tugs with all she has.

Dixie 1, Macy 0. Ready for round 2.