Monday, January 28, 2013

California Pugs

Some big changes have been happening at The Macy Dixie Line. The pugs have traded the Bluegrass and rural living for the California sunshine!

The process all started last fall. We began packing up the house. Dixie made a fleeting effort to help, most often by sitting on what needed to be packed next.

 We spent some time thinking about how we will miss the yard. And yes, that cherry tomato plant in the garden.

 Then there was 5 days of this.

 And this.

 But then a New Year's Eve celebration with the first visit to the beach!

Followed by a cozy evening by the fire.

Now we are getting settled in our new place. There are days when we miss a few things.

But now that mom gets to work from home, the days are filled with naps in the sunshine.

And sunset walks by the water with plenty of dog watching.

Yep, we're pretty sure this whole California thing isn't going to be half bad.