Friday, May 9, 2014

Tips for Pug Friendly Grilling

The grilling season is upon us. Everyone knows that the most important role for successful outdoor cooking is grill support.

Fortunately we have an expert in the house.

Dixie's Tips for Pug Friendly Grilling

1. Assess the situation. Dad might just be cleaning the grill or putting things away. There is no need to waste energy walking outside if no food will be involved.

2. Always stand guard. There are several steps to the grilling process -- grill heats up, food goes on, food cooks, food comes off. It's imperative that you stay by the grill's side throughout each of these steps (if weather permits).

3. Keep a slight distance. Sitting further away from the grill allows you a better view of the landscape. Should any pieces of food fall you will see them with hawk-like precision.

4. Do not give up. He will close the grill lid. Don't be fooled. There is still chicken on that grill. Continue to beg and plead lest he forget that you are around.

5. Your comfort and safety are top priorities. Should Dad do something crazy like grill at night when it's scary or cold out, ignore tip 2 and watch from the comfort of the house until the food is ready.

6. Do not get distracted. The yard is full of good things to sniff, but avoid leaving your post. Removing the food from the grill is a very quick process. He may take the food in and you could be stuck outside.

7. Avoid underestimating Mom. The chances are good that Dad will give you a few small pieces of chicken. Once you have exhausted your options with him, muster the cutest face possible and begin your work on Mom.