For eight years Macy Maek the World a Better Place (a.k.a. Macy Mae) spent her life as an only pug. She enjoyed having her choice of two laps during TV time, eating the box of treats herself, and going on casual walks at her own pace.

Then Dixie arrived.

After years with an only pug, we decided that two would be company. (Although we are pretty sure Macy considers two a crowd.) We looked to a rescue organization hoping we could help a pug in need, and find Macy a best friend and sister that was close to her age.

We fell for Dixie, or Dixie-land, as we like to call her. Dixie is a no nonsense, "I don't care about your rules, but I'll love you forever," kind of pug. 

As the big sister, Macy has moved to the shadows and learned to cherish every bit of alone time with us. I'm sure that if she could, she would use a line to divide every aspect of their lives. Her personal bubble has been forever violated, but secretly I think she likes it.

This blog is the pictorial story of what happens when two pugs collide. 

Welcome to The Macy Dixie Line.

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